Pet Care Center Chalmette would like our clients to know that the care of our patients is always our first consideration during the hurricane season.

We accept boarders throughout hurricane season, June through November; however, we do not accept boarders at the threat of a hurricane in the Gulf. In the event that a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico and becomes a potential threat to our area, our staff will begin to contact boarding guests' owners and emergency contacts within a 24-72 hour time frame prior to a possible hurricane threat for evacuation.

Our goal is to completely vacate the building of animals for their safety and the safety of our staff. In the event we are unable to contact someone to pick your pet up. Pet Care Center Chalmette, at our discretion, will scan or implant a microchip and evacuate your pet to a designated clinic in northern Mississippi.

If your pet has to be evacuated to the pre-arranged facility, Pet Care Center Chalmette is released from all liability and the owner will be responsible for all costs involved. This cost will include, but not be limited to, a two hundred dollar ($200.00) transportation fee, microchip fee plus all boarding costs incurred by Pet Care Center Chalmette and the costs from the evacuation boarding clinic.

Please provide all emergency contacts for yourself as well as the names and phone numbers of any other individual that has your permission to remove your animal from our care.